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Expansive Stillness (2023)

Mixed Quintet

Program Note

This piece was written as a part of the 2023 Conserve Bloomington concert organized by Aislin Carpenter which prompted composers to compose a work after visiting a local nature preserve. My piece combines three different elements that I experienced which were the sunlight reflecting off of the water, the conversation we had amongst our group, and the ambient sound of a nearby highway. The light reflecting off of the water (even though it didn't produce any sound) had a striking effect. The ambient highway sound was something that I found interesting because of the reminder that even though we were in the middle of the woods, the effects of humanity were still present. This is something that I investigated through a quasi soundwalk experience, where the noticeable presence of the highway drone became more and more obvious as the piece progressed. Our conversations then became the material that connected the sensory experiences, verbalizing our thoughts in dialogue with one another. These conversations keep coming back in the music, each time with more people joining in to contribute their thoughts.


Expansive Stillness
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Score PDF

Expanisve Stillness
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