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The Silhouette in the Foreground (2018)

String Orchestra

Program Note

The Silhouette In The Foreground is a piece written for string orchestra and is built around how the ending has the deepest impact on the audience. Everything else in the piece is present to enhance and glorify the final measures. When the work starts, it begins very tonally with strong harmonies, which gives listeners a feeling of musical solidity. Though as it progresses, the harmonies become more and more varied and dissonant until it sounds almost entirely atonal. Personally, I find atonal music harder to listen to due to the amount of tension the audience hears within the style. Thus when the ending is finally reached, a huge sense of relief overcomes the listener as the composition at last returns to tonality.


The Silhouette in the Foreground
Download MP3 • 5.33MB

Score PDF

The Silhouette in the Foreground
Download PDF • 89KB

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